Digital Varves

Welcome to the North American Glacial Varve Website

This site is intended to serve both an educational and research role in promoting the study of glacial varves in North America. Although in existence for close to a century, glacial varve chronologies in North America have been greatly underutilized as a late glacial chronologic and paleoenvironmental tool. They have also been shrouded in misconceptions that have greatly limited their use.

The scope of the web site's coverage is glacial varve chronology in North America, which is heavily dominated by varve studies in New England. Initially the site will focus on the New England Varve Chronology with a few exceptions but should eventually grow to cover more of the continent as the utility of glacial varves is recognized by a greater number of researchers.

Varves of the Month

Since the website began varve sequences from various sites have been featured on the home page, generally changing each month. This has been discontinued but below you will find a catalog of past "Varves of the Month". Clicking on a link will take you to the description and images of those varves. Thank you for your continued interest!

To learn more about varves, what they are and how they are formed, start by visiting the 'What are Glacial Varves?' page.

Past Varves of the Month...