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The Wicked Gap is Dead!!


Correlation of varve records from the ALD (blue) and PH (green) cores, and the UC varves (red, magenta; Antevs, 1922) with PH 0-100 = LC 6236-6336 = UC 6568-6668. Note the huge difference in absolute thicknesses of the UC varves (especially in UC 6601-6635) vs. other varve records and yet the close match of the sequences.

Cores collected during the summer of 2007 have bridged the Claremont Gap between the lower and upper Connecticut varves in Ernst Antevs' original New England Varve Chronology. Cores taken at Aldrich Brook in Westmoreland, NH and in the Perry Hill Basin in Charlestown, NH have been matched to Antevs sequences and extend his original chronology to close the gap. Analysis of the cores was a part of senior thesis work by Catherine Beck and Emily Voytek who are graduating from Tufts University in May, 2008. Antevs' original New England Varve Chronology is now known to span more than 4700 continuous years of deglaciation from southern to northern New England. Along with new radiocarbon ages from samples collected last summer a new single calibration of the varve chronology has been formulated. To find out more about the closure of the Claremont Gap and the new calibration go to New England Varve Chronology: Claremont Gap Closure and NEVC Calibration.

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