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At the bottom of this page is a drop-down list of plots for every century of the North American Varve Chronology (NAVC, AM varve years) from AM 2700-8358. The plots are in the form of JPG images all with the same number of pixels along the horizontal axis. Included on the plots are all of Antevs' (1922, 1928) normal curves of the original NEVC (NE years) translated to AM varve years. The normal curves were plots of results averaged from the records of several outcrop sections. Also plotted are key long varve records from cores and outcrops that were used to make corrections and revise Antevs' original NEVC normal curves. All points where changes were made to the NEVC are shown on the NAVC plots either where new varves were added to the NAVC (2 AM varve years = 1 NE varve year) or where varves were consolidated (1 AM varve year = more than 1 NE varve year). Above AM 7282 (NE 7600) the positions of uncertain non-glacial varves in the original varve measurements at Newbury, VT are shown with the accumulated potential uncertainty of the varve count above this point expressed as possible additional/fewer (+/-) years.

All the data files used on the plots are in NAVC (AM) varve years and are available for download at NAVC Data and Additional North American Records. Links to the individual data files associated with each plot are listed beneath the image. Some varve records have been plotted at a multiple or fraction of the scale of the varve thickness axis as is indicated on the plot labels. This was done when varve sequences of many different thicknesses had to be shown on the same graph.

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