Digital Varves

Calibration of the North American Varve Chronology (NAVC)

Given below are a text file and Excel spreadsheet showing the calibrated ages of varves in the NAVC (AM varve years). Listed are every ten years from AM 2500 - 8500. This calibration is based on a best-fit of the IntCal09 data set (Reimer and others, 2009) to the NAVC radiocarbon data set as explained at: [LINK � NAVC-5 NAVC calibration] In equation form the NAVC calibration is: (Calibrated age) = 20,770 cal yr � (AM yr) where the offset of NAVC (AM yr) and calibrated yr (before 1950 AD) is 20,770 cal yr BP.

Text file version: NAVCvsINTCAL09.txt

Excel version: NAVCvsINTCAL09.xls