Digital Varves

Varve Analysis Program Downloads

Below are downloads for the varve image analysis program developed and used at Tufts University.

Instructions for setting up Image Tool 3.0 and the measurement and gray-scale programs are given below and we highly recommend that you read the instructions before setting up the program.

Download Links

  1. Download PDF of Software Installation � PDF version of instructions for software downloads and for setting up programs.
  2. Download UTHSCSA Image Tool 3.0 (Or perform a web search for "Image Tool 3.0")� Program required for image analysis.
  3. Download Varve Scripts � .zip file containing Varve300.itm and Varveprofile100.itm Image Tool script programs.
  4. Download Instructions for Program Usage � PDF instructions for usage of measure and gray-scale profile programs.
  5. Download IMAGES folder � compressed .zip file containing IMAGES folder with its subfolders and practice images.