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The North American Varve Chronology Today

The North American Varve Chronology (NAVC) is a correction and consolidation of the old New England Varve chronology (NEVC) into a single varve sequence. The NAVC has a new numbering system (AM varve years) to accomplish these changes. Shown on the profiles below are all the varve sections that were used to compile Antevs (1922, 1928) original NEVC as well as new sections all translated to AM varve years. The approximate geographic locations and relative ages of compiled varve sections in the NAVC are shown on the map below as a guide to the regional occurrence of different parts of the chronology. In this compilation the NAVC is a continuous 5659-yr sequence (AM 2700-8358). The map also serves as a location map for the detailed time-distance plots of all of the known varve sections that are a part of the NAVC or have been matched to it. The plots show the time spans of individual varve sections plotted along the axis of the various valleys in the direction of ice recession. By placing your cursor in the red boxes you can view the detailed plots for each valley section including separate areas in: Connecticut, Massachusetts, southern Vt./N.H., central Vt./N.H., and northern Vt./N.H. in the Connecticut Valley. Also shown are sections in the Hudson Valley near Newburgh and Catskill, NY, the Merrimack Valley, and the Winooski Valley. The Ashuelot Valley near Keene, NH has not been plotted because it is represented by only one section.

Use the map to locate the varve stratigraphy for a particular area by clicking in areas outlined with thin red lines. You may click on a tab heading to the right of the map to open the corresponding varve record as well. This page is best viewed at 1024x768 pixels and above.

VT/NH Northern Varve Sections Lake Winooski Varve Sections VT/NH Central Varve Sections Merrimack Valley Varve Sections VT/NH Southern Varve Sections Massachusetts CRV Varve Sections Connecticut CRV Varve Sections Hudson Valley - Newburgh Varve Sections Hudson Valley - Catskill Varve Sections
Connecticut NAVC Sections
Massachusetts NAVC Sections
Southern VT/NH NAVC Sections
Central VT/NH NAVC Sections
Northern VT/NH NAVC Sections
Merrimack Valley NAVC Sections
Lake Winooksi NAVC Sections
Hudson Valley - Newburgh NAVC Sections
Hudson Valley - Catskill NAVC Sections

Map and Section Key